Sustainability, Liveability and Inclusiveness: A proposed new mixed use community at Ridgeside Lane

On 19 August 2019,  the Northern Midlands Council considered Traders In Purple’s request to amend the Northern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy, 2018.

This process occurred following on from the Community Consultation held in mid-2018 and lodgement of a submission requesting that Northern Midlands Council initiate an amendment to the Northern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy. It also followed on from Council’s request for additional information earlier this year.

At the meeting, Council voted that:

Council write to the Northern Region Councils seeking their view on the request to amend the Northern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy by including the land at 98 Ridgeside Lane, 211 Logan Road and CT 101154/1 Logan Road, Evandale within the ‘urban growth area’ classification under the Strategy.

The consultation process with regional Council’s is expected to take a number of months to complete and our aims for this project from a regional perspective, is to include the site as a ‘Growth Area’ to:

  • Align with Tasmania’s regional plan to expand and grow economic activity in Tasmania,

  • Improve educational attainment and employment skills,

  • Address the needs of Tasmania’s changing demographic profile,

  • Align with the Tasmania’s Department of State Growth Population Growth Strategy,

  • Encourage job creation and workforce development,

  • Encourage Interstate migration and liveability.

The economic benefit of the proposal is forecast to result in:

  • $450M direct private investment during project delivery

  • $28M annual new resident consumption spending from 2035 onwards

  • Direct employment of 63 FTE construction and delivery jobs for 15 years

  • Creation of another 336 direct and indirect jobs in the region

  • 2,635 new residents and 700+ homes

  • 87,000+ new tourist visitations by 2035

  • $4.1m annual spending outside of the project

We look forward to providing updates to the wider community once available and thank everyone for their ongoing support and interest to date.

If you wish to stay up to date on the status of our submission, we encourage you to register for updates. Alternatively, you can email the team here: