Traders in Purple.

Strength in Solid Foundations.

Traders In Purple is a proud, 30-years young, national development and construction company. The company started as an engineering consultancy specialising in structural and hydraulic engineering and water sensitive urban design before moving into development and construction in 1989. We are a family business and 100% Australian owned and operated. We have specific expertise in creating communities, delivering projects in regional and rural areas. All our projects have a 100% completion rate.

Traders In Purple originated in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney with our projects expanding to the Illawarra, NSW and Moreton Bay, QLD areas. More recently, we have made the move to Tasmania with interests in both the North and South including a recent transaction with the University of Tasmania.

Our Team is multi-disciplinary having worked on a range of projects comprising hospitality and tourism, residential communities, retirement living (including independent living and assisted living), aged care and building for people with dementia, specialist disability accommodation, education, health and retail/commercial. We have also worked on several heritage projects including restoration works to heritage significant buildings.

Traders In Purple utilise dedicated teams of engineers, architects, town planners and landscape specialists to ensure that all of its projects create communities with abundant amenity, enhance the quality of life for its occupants and have a positive effect on the locale and the natural environment. We voluntarily engage with the community and local groups to understand their wishes and concerns. Moreover, we understand and advocate community engagement as the catalyst for  improved community outcomes.

Finally, to get the best of our projects for the local community, Traders In Purple endeavour to use a local workforce during all development and construction. In this respect, Traders In Purple are proud of our record of providing direct and indirect employment to approximately 10,000 people per year nationally.

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