Here are some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received from the groups and stakeholders we’ve met with to discuss the proposed new community:

Where is the land located and how big is it?

The land is approximately 600 acres and located at 98 Ridgeside Lane and Logan Road, Evandale. A map outlining the boundaries of the site is provided in the power point presentation recently delivered to the Evandale Advisory Committee. You can download the full presentation here.

What kind of constraints are on the site itself and why is it being proposed for redevelopment?

The land consists almost entirely of open pasture. Part of the land is affected by bush fire protection zones (to neighbouring properties) and is generally considered to be low value agricultural land. It is relatively flat and unencumbered, providing ideal conditions to support a range of land uses including residential, recreational, open space, employment, local produce, training and educational land. The flood maps also indicate that the land is not burdened by any potential flood activity.

How will roads work as part of any new development?

The proposed road network will be designed to comply with relevant local engineering standards and, where possible, will incorporate water sensitive urban design to appropriately manage stormwater runoff. The proposed road network will also be appropriately landscaped to maintain the rural character of the area while ensuring the carriageway is wide enough to accommodate public transport.

How many houses will be provided?

The project is very much in concept stage at the moment and the number of dwellings and other uses are going to be guided by the feedback from the community and council.

What kind of housing will be provided?

As with all greenfield projects, there may be a mix of housing types from rural residential to smaller homes for downsizers. The intention is to have products available for downsizers, families and those wanting a little more land for low impact rural pursuits.

What other uses are proposed?

The community and the different sporting groups and local cultural associations will be the guide here. We are committed to providing a large part of the project to tourist and sports/recreational uses in addition to the large amount of open space/parks and gardens that will preserve the character setting. Other ideas include aged care, disability care and respite centre, childcare and assisted living retirement homes.

How much open space is there going to be?

Key to maintaining the character setting will be the open space and landscaping. It is intended that a large percentage of the project be dedicated to public open space and is beautifully landscaped, consistent with the existing setting in Evandale. It is our intention to plant trees and gardens as a first priority so when the project is being delivered in the various stages, the maturity of the landscaping adds to the beauty of the area.

What kind of sustainability measures will there be?

Traders In Purple believe this site provides a significant opportunity to achieve a community that is the most sustainable in Australia upon completion. To reduce our carbon footprint and impact to the natural environment, we will be investigating all options to ensure integration of solar panels, rainwater tanks, water sensitive urban design including stormwater storage, stormwater treatment, on-site waste management and ample landscaping including tree planting as basic examples.

How much impact are you going to have on the existing infrastructure and services?

To support the planned range of uses, augmentation and upgrades to existing infrastructure is required, from roads, drainage, open space and sewerage storage and treatment. Generally, these upgrades will be improvements to existing infrastructure is designed to deliver a high level of service to existing and future residents and the wider community.

How much impact are you going to have on the existing rural character of Evandale?

The site is located 2 kilometres from the centre of Evandale and will not have any material impact on its existing rural character.

How will this affect existing businesses in Evandale?

It is Traders In Purple’s intention to provide ample opportunities to complement existing businesses in Evandale by providing more amenities that assist in its profile as a tourist destination.

Who are Traders In Purple? Who is in the project team and what experience do they have?

Traders In Purple is a proud, 30-years young, national development and construction company. We are a family business and 100% Australian owned and operated. We have specific expertise in delivering projects in regional areas and have a 100% completion rate on all projects. For more information on our projects, please visit www.tradersinpurple.com. The consultant team for Evandale consists of Lange Design – A Launceston based Landscape Architect with 25 years experience in diverse array of projects including master planning, urban design, open space and recreational planning, commercial design and retirement living design; Jude Franks – A proud Tasmanian, ​Jude has 30 years extensive experience working and consulting in management, marketing and product development, to all sectors of the Tourism Industry both here in Tasmania, interstate and internationally. A few of her projects here in Tasmania have included the Hotel Grand Chancellor Federation Concert Hall Project, The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel, Brooke Street Waterfront Hotel, Woolmers Estate and Callington Mill; TCG Planning – established in 1994 as a specialised urban planning firm, providing statutory and strategic planning services to individuals, companies, local government and state agencies. TCG Planning have a focus on developing a strategic and cooperative approach to planning, providing outcomes which are deliverable and sustainable. TCG Planning has worked with a number of local councils in Tasmania providing advice and the framework for sustainable planning policies to serve community expectations. The NOA Group – led by proud Tasmanian Lynda Jones, the NOA Group are experts in community consultation and stakeholder engagement. The NOA Group has been engaged to ensure every voice in the community is heard and has input in the process and ultimate outcomes.