Traders In Purple would like to clarify a name for any project on the land is not yet decided. Current references to “Ridgeside” and “Ridgeside Lane” refer specifically to the address of the land at this point.

Over the coming months, Traders In Purple would like to work with the local community to decide a name that is suitable for the land and reflective of the aspirational nature of the project.

Integrating social, capital and connected communities

The most sustainable community in Australia

To reach our aim, Ridgeside lane will be guided by the following key princples:
• Evidence Based Planning
• Create Communities not Housing Estates
• Building Safe Communities
• Creating Diverse Communities
• Creating Healthy Communities
• Water Sensitive Urban Design
• Maximise Local Employment
• Integrating Transport Systems
• Infrastructure Cost Sharing and Multiple Use Facilities
• Enhance and Respect Local Landscape and Cultural Values
• Maximising Housing Affordability
• Maximise Opportunities for ‘Ageing in Place’
• Create Legible Streets
• Solar Passive Design
• Create Accessible and Connected Communities